Ionia County Community Foundation (ICCF) is an affiliate fund of Grand Rapids Community Foundation.


All gifts to ICCF are tax deductible and help people in Ionia County.

Giving online is easy.

If you wish to send your donation in, please mail it to:
Ionia County Community Foundation
c/o Grand Rapids Community Foundation
185 Oakes St SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(Please indicate specific gift designation in the memo)

Philanthropy: the giving and sharing of time, talent, or treasure intended for the common good.


It’s not how much you give; it’s the giving that matters. Every donation to the Ionia County Community Foundation is a voice of support for the programs that make our communities wonderful places to live. As a publicly supported foundation, our grants touch nearly every aspect of our well-being – promoting academic achievement, neighborhood revitalization, health, human services, the arts, as well as economic prosperity and environmental integrity.


Support the Community Foundation and you will invest in the opportunity to make our communities great now and for generations to come.

Why Give?

A community foundation is a lot like a garden plant, like a lily that keeps on growing and spreading as long as the main lily plant remains intact.

People who give to a community foundation are creating a “plant” – a pool of money that gets invested into an endowment. As only the interest earned from the endowment is granted to support projects and important needs around the county, the original endowment – the plant – remains intact and grows and is available for more grant-making year after year after year.

Ionia County is full of warm-hearted, generous people. They want to give back… and for their dollars to stay in the county… and for them to make a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens.

The Ionia County Community Foundation makes that possible by providing grant monies to non-profit organizations throughout the County. When individuals donate to ICCF, the endowment becomes larger, and more interest income is earned, which increases the grant-making pot.

Since its inception 23 years ago in 1995, the Ionia County Community Foundation has poured over $3 million back into our neighborhoods to assist local programs throughout our county.

The Ionia County Community Foundation’s mission is to make Ionia County a Better Place to Live, Learn, Work and Play. People who give to it know that their dollars will continue to generate goods for our communities year after year.

When each person contributes what they can, transformative things happen. Some result in county-wide impact; others meet specific local needs. All of them change lives for the better and all are possible because ordinary people give to a shared fund that makes their community a better place to live.

Ron and Margaret Story Legacy Society

The Ron & Margaret Story Legacy Society was established in 2010 to pay tribute to the couple for their charitable bequest and financial contributions to ICCF, as well as for their time, talent, and efforts given to it over the years.

Please join Ron and Margaret in remembering the Ionia County Community Foundation in your estate plan. The Ron & Margaret Story Society is designed to honor those of you who are creating your own legacies through planned gifts. As a member of it, you will be recognized in a special way in our newsletter and other materials. If you have already included the Ionia County Community Foundation in your will or estate plan (or if and when you do) please contact our development staff at 616-642-6435 so we can add you to our special society.

Current Legacy Society Members:

Alona Allen
Daniel and Janet Balice
Bruce and Margaret Chadwick
Thomas D. and Tamara S. Dickinson
William and Jewel Eckstrom
Boomer and Laurie Hoppough
Barbara Allen Kruis
John Kruis
Gary and Janeen Lemke
Jim and Teresa McCarty
Deanne Prince
Ron and Margaret Story
Lowell and Judy Swartz
Brian and Mindy Talbot
Elaine VanLaanen

Honorary Memorial Members:

(Story Legacy Society members who have passed away)

Paul and Alberta Allen Chapin
Melvin and Rathburn Laux
Ed and Maxine Compagner
Mary Esther Daddazio
George Eddy Frost
Bird and Burger Don and Emma Goodell
Chuck Henney
Bea McCarty
Kenneth and Shirley Morris
Walter Sprague
Ben and Lucy Simons
Ward VanLaanen

Jim McCarty Memorial Donations

Jim McCarty was an incredible leader and friend whose optimism and support were instrumental to the growth of the Ionia County Community Foundation (ICCF). Jim served as an advisory board member for 25 years, was the founder and editor of the ICCF newsletter, and spent countless hours volunteering to make the annual ICCF golf outing a success. He worked tirelessly to grow the Ionia County Community Foundation Endowment fund and the Ionia community will benefit in perpetuity because of his efforts. The Ionia County Community Foundation valued our relationship with Jim and we are truly saddened by his passing.

We are honored to accept donations in his memory designated to the James and Teresa McCarty Fund to benefit Ionia County Community Foundation Fund.